Motel Queens

by The Canary Birds

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released November 26, 2016



all rights reserved


The Canary Birds Marquette, Michigan

The Canary Birds is a haunting sound from the Northern forests of Lake Superior. The songs are about micro emotional peaks in the forgotten towns of the Great Lakes.

The musical style is the tradition of baritone singers like David Bowie Scott Walker and Nick Cave. The sonic atmospheres is like Portishead, Massive Attack and Mike Oldfield.
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Track Name: La Sirène
(James Senior)

In the Bengal sound those smiling eyes
floating out and down, a thousand tries to
Say goodbye with candle cries.

Then I heard her voice, smooth and low
I had no choice, leave it all and go
to that melodic high in the silent snow

Watch your way in the setting sun
Silver notes so brightly sung
La sirène, on the salt sea air
La sirène, la sirène

Across the waves, a whispered kiss
A waterfall to the deep abyss,
the releasing all, enclosing bliss

Watch your way in the setting sun
Silver notes so brightly sung
La sirène, on the salt sea air
La sirène, oh La sirène
Track Name: Old Habits
(James Senior)

Look you up sweet through and through
Holdin’ on out of the blue

Old times’ sake, a little kiss
A tender touch, that’s what I miss

Take us from this state we’re in
No second thought, no sip o' gin

Flicker on, firelight
In my heart, firelight

Spinning out in the stars
Habits die hard
Clearing smoky bars
Habits lie

Blizzard cold brings crackle down
Memory’s close in this old town

Cuddle up, close your eyes
Just one night, say our goodbyes

Spinning smoky stars
Habits die hard
Clearing smoky bars
Habits try
Track Name: Motel Queens
(James Senior)

A dusty hometown, haunted in the clear

It rests among john deere fields, and stays in disrepair

This blustry hometown, still working in the clear

The streets are well wide, the main drag needs repair

Welcome to Redgranite town
Where motel queens are crowned

In the SilverMyst saloon, a leather diamond

Splashes water on her face and matts her curly hair

Past the SilverMyst saloon in diamonds

She spends another leather night with the Irogamie Lake man

Brandy in Redgranite town
The motel queen is crowned

Pushed around by that drunk again, our diamond
Spent her last night with the Irogamie Lake man

Water floods red granite town
Noone left to be found
Track Name: What's the Procedure
(J. Senior)

Train stalled at the station
Terminal is down the line
Stamp these papers first
and don’t forget to sign

What’s the procedure

What’s the government number

And where, if not ’27,

Do you grandparents come from

And when were they married

and did they have other names?

Has this been notarized
This isn’t very clear

Type in here your first

Trip into the maze

Stefan takes your tickets

and forgets you’re ever here

Destination Adminstration
Lost in the Tunnels

Order your certificates
Date this version first

File now and send it back

A bureaucratic prayer

Officer’s in the way
Authorization everyday
Ask that man again
Why I am still here

Keith from Six Feet Under

Is on platform number 9
Waiting for the guards
To move us on the line

Destination Adminstration
Lost in the Tunnels
Track Name: Magnificent
(James Senior)

She’s faster than you think on ice
She’s fatal too, you don’t look twice.
Skating high in darkest shades
Pressing on four silver blades.

Louche nails caress the air
Quiet mind, a guarded lair
A line, serpentine
Crossing over she looks my way

Rocket lips, ruby red,
Shining black, tawdry head
It’s said she doesn’t breathe
So grant the diva this reprieve
Magnificent. Magnificent.
She’s tight, close in spin
and then Magnificent.